Positive feedback regarding the BrainGain Sweden kick-off meeting in Rönneberga, 2016

"Perfect for networking and establishing collaborations”. “Positive, physical meetings between researchers in academia and industry are important to accelerate R&D”. Those were two of the many positive impressions given in the survey sent to the 70 participants from Academia, Health Care, Industry and Support Organizations.

The overall rating of the meeting in the survey was 8 out of 10 on average. The discussions in the meeting wrap-up was also positive regarding the quality and the opportunity to network and make new connections. The participants agree that the size and the format was close to optimal and that the focus for BrainGain Sweden should be on innovations.

The majority favored a biannual meeting schedule.  Therefore, BrainGain Sweden has decided to try to raise funds for a new meeting in Göteborg in the early fall of 2018.


Welcome to the BrainGain Sweden kick off

August 31st to September 1st, 2016 - Rönneberga, Lidingö

At this meeting we will bring together leaders, players and stakeholders in diseases of the aging brain. Focus will be on Stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. We hope the meeting will strengthen and widen the network, encourage collaborations across the different innovation sectors, provide opportunity for feedback, advice and support for ideas and on­going innovation projects. The aim is to strengthen Swedish research and innovation in order to provide effective treatment principles and health care solutions to a growing population in need. 

Registration form below. Contact Louise von Essen, louise.von.essen@ki.se. Phone: 0707 311320

Programme Committee: Edwin Johnson (KI), Kina Höglund (GU), Peder Svensson (IRL), Johanna Fälting (BioArctic), Lars Grundemar (Ferring), Tadeusz Wieloch (LU), Pia Berntsson (LU)


Reply to Louise.Von.Essen@ki.se before July 18, 2016 - Registration is binding










Any allergies:


I will take our bus from Cityterminalen, leaves 9.00:


Conference fee:  

  • 2500 SEK inc moms (2000 SEK ex moms) - Everything is included in the registration fee.



  • Paying by invoice: Send the invoice address, the organization number, invoice reference and who this payment is for to Louise.Von.Essen@ki.se together with this registration form.
  • Paying by banktransfer: bg 5310-7207, write your name and BGS/SBI ex ”Lisa Pettersson BGS/SBI”.docs