Positive feedback regarding the BrainGain Sweden kick-off meeting in Rönneberga, 2016

"Perfect for networking and establishing collaborations”. “Positive, physical meetings between researchers in academia and industry are important to accelerate R&D”. Those were two of the many positive impressions given in the survey sent to the 70 participants from Academia, Health Care, Industry and Support Organizations.

The overall rating of the meeting in the survey was 8 out of 10 on average. The discussions in the meeting wrap-up was also positive regarding the quality and the opportunity to network and make new connections. The participants agree that the size and the format was close to optimal and that the focus for BrainGain Sweden should be on innovations.

The majority favored a biannual meeting schedule.  Therefore, BrainGain Sweden has decided to try to raise funds for a new meeting in Göteborg in the early fall of 2018.